Under constructionĀ 

April 21, 2017

Lately a lot of things have been under construction when it comes to my photography. Photography is of course all about light. Translated it means ‘light writing.’ One of the things I enjoy most about the process of concept to capture is the creation process of the vision. Whether it is the makeup, hair or fashion, everything must come together for it to be cohesive and successful in my opinion. Sometimes it may to easy to overlook something that will ultimately distract from the final image. 

I have been doing a lot of art Direction for these latest shoots from set design to creating some of the fashion (not a designer, just for a photo shootšŸ˜Š)

(The beginning of a garment for an upcoming photo shoot)

This process is very exciting albeit sometimes stressful and costly, but I have found that it is what it takes to make a vision come to life. The construction of these elements can be a little of my control freak coming out but it is also yet another creative outlet for myself.

(Part of a set I built recently for a photo shoot)