Photo shoots and History lessons

March 31, 2017

Last week I had a shoot with male model Troy Oliver which was focused on shooting outdoors. Anthony Perez took a break from superb hairstyling for the day to help me with lighting which can sometimes be difficult for on location shooting and outdoors. So needless to say an extra pair of hands were appreciated. We shot around Indianapolis in areas that I thought gave a cool feel and showed texture and showed off Troy 

Seen here in one of the shots in Indianapolis. 

During part of the shoot we stopped at a place where I had been wanting to shoot for a while, a gigantic rusted safe was at the entrance of a non descript building that had a lot of character. While we were there changing outfits the owner of the building saw us and asked if we wanted to know the history of the door, and then proceeded to give us a tour of the building itself which is being transformed into a speak easy bar. The place was amazing, still a work in process, but everything in the bar comes from something reclaimed, the Windows, bar, door, decorations, the place was like walking back in time to when actual speakeasys were a thing. One awesome aspect was a clear floor at the entrance which let you look into a secret floor below where a gangsters poker game was interrupted. This place looks amazing and the owner was a great tour guide and has put so much work into the space. Looking forward to seeing the finished product. Sometimes it pays to be a the right place at the right time!


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