WISH Patrol

March 6, 2017

Recently I had the privilege and I do mean privilege of being just a small part in doing something really big for someone. WISH Patrol is a part of WISH TV that helps to bring dreams or wishes to deserving families, Led by anchor Brooke Martin, we brought Kristin and Matt, a couple going through some unique and challenging circumstances, a day of pampering with hair, makeup  a photo shoot plus dinner out and even more surprises! With fellow photographer Ed Stewart and makeup artist Brandie Price, we took behind the scenes images of the excitement through the process and culminating in a professional photo shoot for the couple. This was a truly humbling experience and something that I was very grateful to be a part of. We often take so much in this life for granted. Sometimes we need to look, really look at the people that mean the most to us in life and tell them. We never know how long we have with each other. Thank you to WISH TV, Scott, Brooke and company for a very meaningful experience.


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