March 6, 2017

Today I was inspired. A simple sentence but it speaks volumes. To get inspired to get up, go to work, do all the things you have to on a daily basis can sometimes be fleeting or sometimes non-existent. Today however, I worked with my muse and model Gabrielle Bradley. We have worked together numerous times since first meeting at a fashion show casting. Over the years, together, we have created some of my most favorite images, including my first magazine cover. Being in an art related field where creativity is expected almost as an assembly line it can take its toll. Thank God for muses though! When we started talking about doing a shoot, which had been almost a year since working together last, my mind was staring to swirl with ideas like it hadn’t in a while. I’m not sure exactly what it is but something about how Gabrielle and I work together just brings something out in me, for this tried my hand (loosely) at fashion design, making a few of the pieces for the shoot. I am no designer, as you would see if you were there to witness it, but Gabrielle, who is an immensely talented model makes the visions come to life. With the makeup genius of Sara Hopkins we did around 5-6 looks and created some beautiful work! (I’m hoping! I haven’t uploaded yet) When working with a muse on a fun experimental project it also allows to experiment with lighting. I tried a couple different lighting setups that I personally had never tried before. To surmise, today was exactly what I needed to give me a little spark back into my creative conscious.(Muah Sara Hopkins putting some finishing hair touches on model Gabrielle Bradley)


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