Clay Cook/Pattern event

March 6, 2017

The past week Pattern held an event where the speaker was professional photographer and Louisville native Clay Cook. The minute I heard that he was going to be the speaker, I signed up immediately. I have followed Clay’s works for a while and his work is impressive and his story of his rise to success was inspiring. A lot of his stories felt so close to home of his beginnings of shooting in small spaces etc… I could go on about many of the things he mentioned from funny antedotes to true meaningful inflight into improving fashion photography in a business environment, but alas I cannot.

I will say one more added bonus of the evening was being able to talk and socialize with other fellow photographers in Indianapolis, a lot of the time we get in our own worlds of creativity and business that it is hard to get together. But thank you to Pattern and Clay Cook for bringing everyone together under one roof! Such a great evening!


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