February 22, 2017

Yesterday was my first time (with hopefully more to come) of working with BMG NY. The model was the stunning Esther. Her eyes were amazing and definitely couldn’t wait to work with her. You may know I love a good theme but this shoot was themeless…is that a word? This shoot was more focused on the model and looks and was a nice breath of fresh air to work on. Makeup artist Danelle French worked her magic with a natural look and with a darker glossy look that Esther looked fantastic with both. As I said this was the first time working with a different agency and was interesting seeing the similarities and differences. At the end of the classic toned down shoot, I knew going over all of the images would be difficult in a good way, too many to choose from! Back to the editing cave for now!



February 21, 2017

A few weeks ago I was able to work with 317 Burger located in Broadripple, Indianapolis. This was a change of pace from the normal model sessions. I love working with models on shoots but working on product photography has its own rewards. I may or may not be talking about trying some of the tasty new offerings at 317 Burger. Lighting can be a bit tricky to pull off a well lit product shot as there is a little less room for artistic expression. It comes down to angles, sharpness and focus to create an appetizing shot. The reward of seeing a well lit, mouth watering burger that you shot being part of a new menu campaign is well… I forgot what I was writing about, I’m suddenly hungry!

Models, Models, Models…

February 14, 2017

Yesterday there were models…lots of models… Makeup Artist Danelle French, Hair stylist Anthony Perez and I help an open casting call for our upcoming (secret) series that we will be working on in the forthcoming months. Similar to our precious exhibition in the fact that there will be 12 fully converted avant grade style fashion editorials. This time however we opened the casting to include men, Yes guys, we like you too! The response to our call was awesome and the waiting room of Domu Salon where the casting was held, was filled. Loved seeing the new and familiar faces that came out to hopefully be a part of our next work. It was great seeing some of our favorite L Modelz models there as well as from other agencies and independent models as well! The choices are definitely going to be hard moving forward as there is a lot of talent in Indianapolis.

The Big WISH Shoot

February 11, 2017

Wednesday was a long great day. I woke up bright and early at 6 a.m. to get ready for the WISH-TV photo shoot. Photographer Ed Stewart was along as my assistant for the day. Luckily for both of us I had the sense to set up equipment the night before to make the early call time go a little better. The day consisted of working with 14 of the news stations anchors and reporters. This was the second campaign I have worked on with WISH-TV and there were definitely some big shoes to fill, the previous work had been used in an ad campaign that was presented over Indianapolis in the form of banners, billboards and television spots. What made it even more exciting is this campaign went on to win some top advertising and marketing awards! The talent both in front of and behind the scenes was both talented and truly as nice as possible. Meeting these television personalities that grace the screen might have been a little intimidating but that quickly faded as all of them were completely hospitable and made it easy to work with all of them. After the last shot was taken we packed up and now the waiting game begins. Can’t wait to see what the amazingly talented designer comes up with. After seeing the initial mood boards, we are in for another great campaign!

J3 Streetwear Lookbook shoot

February 10, 2017

This past week I was able to work with a talented group of people for a Lookbook shoot for J3 Streetwear. This was the second time working with designer Julian Jones and his urban street inspired clothing. If you know me you know one of my favorite color combinations are red, black and white-the color story of Julian’s new designs. His work has a strong graphic element to them and the color palette makes the work pop! Also along for this colorful ride were returning models from our previous shoot together, Troy and Dayquan. Both of these male models are talented and know how to move on set. Movement is an important asset during a photo shoot and even more important on a plain white back ground where it’s basically just a model and photographer! There’s no where to hide! Both were amazing as always and made the shoot a joy. Looking forward seeing where all of these talents go from here.