April 7, 2011

Some opportunities come up in my life that I pass over and then I constantly over analyze the situation. Did I make the wrong decision?  I may never know. I try to take the “everything happens for a reason” style, but sometimes the thoughts just creep back in.  There will constantly be ups and downs in life, it’s a given. It’s how we deal with the good and the bad that I need to remember. When an unbelievable opportunity presents itself in front of me, I will know how to act.


The More the Merrier…

April 5, 2011

During the process of redesigning the website, I went over many of the photos that I have taken in the past, it made me happy, one because I have improved since my first photography classes (thankfully) and happy and grateful that I have been blessed by so many people that have trusted me to take their image and for the people that have helped make these transformations possible. Here’s to them! I am as good as the team I work with and value each and every collaboration!

Website Revival

April 5, 2011

So, after too numerous hours, I believe my revitalized website, is now officially done.  For the most part, at least, I still have a couple of things to fix that are acting up a bit.  This truly took a lot of work to get everything done, I surprised myself with how much I could do, but big thank you to my brotha, Portley for all of his advice and wisdom.  I believe my website teacher would be proud of his student. Thank you Obi Wan!

Sad day

April 1, 2011

Yesterday, I found out that a great woman had passed away. Her name was Sue File and I had only met her once a few months ago, but she did make an impact on me.  She was accompanying her daughter Hannah on our photo shoot. She was a very vibrant and energetic person who was very helpful with everything that day, from bringing props, helping with lights and being my “assistant” for the day.  Her birthday is today as well and I wish to her a Happy Birthday and sorry that will not be able cross paths again.  God Bless her and her family and thank you for blessing me with your spirit!